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How to work as a freelancer? The key topics …

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I often receive questions about Freelancing. Some time ago João posted “How to work as a freelancer?” question on our forum and I thought if I write a post and make a video about my experience, maybe it will help you to start your own journey. Phase 1 – Preparation …

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9 Essential tips for schematic design you might not be doing

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Tip 1: Import reference schematics Why? If possible, always import schematics. If schematic is not available in a proper format which can be imported (e.g. if you only can find a pdf schematic), ask the chip manufacturer to send you board design files (usually they have Orcad files). This will …

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7 Tips to make your schematic look professional

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There are some things which you only find in professional schematics. Here are the most important. Tip 1: Always create a cover page with project name and list of pages Why? This cover page is used by people who read your schematic. They will find it very useful. All professional …

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PCB Layout – Typical Track & VIA geometry

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I have received following questions on our FEDEVEL forum: What are typical track width you use for signal and for power ? What are typical clearance you use for track ? What are typical via size you use for normal via and for micro via ? It’s not so simple …

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Doing Layout – Lesson 7 – Learn to Design Your Own Boards

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It takes just 15 hours to completely design your own customized Arduino. This is Lesson 7 of Learn to Design Your Own Boards Online Course. The course is step-by-step video which shows the complete Schematic Design & PCB Layout of Arduino like board. More information about the full course can …

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