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Altium – How to Copy Placement

placement cloning fi

Simple way to copy placement between components or cloning / replicating placement of component blocks in PCB. You can try it by yourself. Here is link to the Altium project:

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Need Your Help with Research

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It’s simple – we just would talk about how you do HW design at your company. I am doing research about “How companies implement HW design process” and I am trying to talk about this topic to as many people as possible. If you would be interested to help, please …

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Understanding PCB Layout Essential – Change the way how you look at the tracks

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About different way of thinking when doing PCB Layout. Do not think about voltages and currents, think about transferring energy. Link to the original Rick Hartley’s presentation:

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Interesting Technology, Science and Education Channels to Follow

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If you know any other interesting channels or videos, please leave the links in comments. I am looking forward to watch them. Links to the channels mentioned in the video: EEVBlog: Louis Rossmann: SmarterEveryDay: SpaceX: Tom Scott: Altium: TheBackyardScientist: Applied Science: Simone …

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