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Create new component from sheet and PCB of the Sheet

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  • Create new component from sheet and PCB of the Sheet

    Dear Forum

    I would like to create a new single library component from a Sheet simbol. I know how to create to components from a sheet, and put in library, but I dont know, if possible, to associate to this component a PCB, from a existenting PCB



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    You can do the same in a pcb Design => make PCB library.
    if you name the footprint in the schematic component- footprint reference corerctly you should end up with a schematic symbol and mathing footprint.


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      Thanks for reply.
      With pcb->make PCB Library , you can create a library of schematic and a library of single PCB (1 for every components),, that match beetwen them.
      But, Im searching for a way to use the Sheet asa a component, with a Layout associated to this layout (components + track).
      So, in next design. I can put more sheet,and replicate the PCB of wvery sheet...I belive -- module-- repplication is the correct word.


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        I think you need snippets! Google voor snippets altium.. Then you come accros a few videos.. Check this out to see if this is what you need