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Review of Server PCB Layout & Schematic – Part 5: SFP 10Gb/s Interface

SFP Layout, Backdrilled VIAs, PSU Connector, Impedance Coupons, OCuLink, SMBus Switch, I2C to UART

Review of Server PCB Layout & Schematic – Part 4: PCI Express (PCIE)

Zig-Zag routing, Stitching VIAs, Stub in PINs, Holes in GND under PADS and around VIAs, Port 80 & POST Codes

Review of Server PCB Layout & Schematic – Part 2: Platform Controller Hub (PCH)

SATA, USB 3.0, PCH Decoupling, Differential Pairs and Length Compensation, Info in Schematic, Level Translators, SPD

Review of Server PCB Layout & Schematic – Part 1: Processor

Server Board Project Olympus, Block Diagrams, Processor Schematic & DDR4 Memory slots, PCB Layout around CPU

Tutorial 5 for Altium Beginners: Generating Manufacturing Outputs

Generating: Gerbers, Bill of Materials (BOM), NC Drill Files, PDF Schematic, 3D PDF, 3D STEP File, Assembly Drawings, Draftsman, Pick and Place

Tutorial 3 for Altium Beginners: PCB Layout

Starting a new PCB, Doing Layout, Layer Sets, DRC Check

Tutorial 2 for Altium Beginners: How to create footprints

Creating Footprints, Adding 3D models, Updating Schematic Symbols, Annotating, Schematic

Doing PCB Layout – Learn OrCAD & Cadence Allegro Essentials (Lesson 9)

Connecting pads, drawing tracks, placing VIAs, doing fanout, moving & sliding tracks, adding shapes, creating shortcuts.

How To Do DDR3 Memory PCB Layout Simulation – Step by Step Tutorial

After watching this video you will have the most important info which will help you to simulate your own PCB layout. We will be using Cadence Sigrity, SystemSI, SPEED2000 and Allegro.