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TIP #039: Be careful how you order pins on your connectors

Why? For example, you may want GND/PWR separate CLK signal from the others, it helps minimize crosstalk between signals on a cable. You may want to consider how currents will flow. You may want to prevent board damage when the mating connector is inserted the other way round

TIP #037: Use “.Checked PCB” “.Checked SCH” as component parameters

Why? Helps you to identify symbols and footprints which you need to check, helps to speed up schematic drawing process

TIP #036: Buy a good mouse

Why? When doing schematic and layout for weeks / months / years and moving your hand all the time, you really need a good mouse. Otherwise, sooner or later, your hand is going to hurt.

TIP #035: Use ferrite beads or 0R resistors on powers

Why? It helps with power noise filtering, easy to measure currents, circuit can be disconnected, …

TIP #034: Have a look at what your competition is using

Why? In some cases you may want to use exactly the same components because of software / hardware compatibility. It may also help to prevent possible problems (there may be a reason why they chose particular chips).

TIP #032: Always do testing in environmental chamber

Why? It helps you to find possible problems before mass production

TIP #030: Do Paper model of your board

It’s a simple way to check if everything fits correctly and if everything is in the right place.