The Three Most Important Hardware Design Courses
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Which courses are included in this package?
1x Learn Altium Essentials Second Edition (Online and Download)
This course is ideal for companies with fresh hires and young engineers. The course is also perfect for professionals moving to Altium from a different CAD system. Within only 6 hours, your engineers will learn all the essential steps to create a complete board in Altium Designer.
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1x Advanced Hardware Design (Online and Download)
This course speeds up the development process and teaches how to design boards that work the first time. It covers the complete board design process, includes tips and tricks for faster design, explains procedures for schematic / library / layout checking and shows how to generate full and professional manufacturing documentation.
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1x Advanced PCB layout (Online and Download)
This course helps companies save the time and money associated with re-spinning and debugging boards. It explains how do PCB layouts like an expert, teaches the most important design rules needed to route high speed interfaces (such as DDR3 memory, PCIE, SATA, HDMI, etc.) and it covers the critical points of PCB layout, including stackup design.
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What are the other benefits?
- The courses are based on real projects. All the explanations, examples and activities are done on existing boards.
- Complete documentation. Students can download documentation of the boards used in the courses.
- Practice. Students practice their skills and knowledge in real situations.

You will also get
- Online access for up to 5 people (up to 5 of your engineers can watch the courses Online)
- Certificates for up to 5 people (when working on the course activities, up to 5 engineers get certificates after each course)
- Complete course download after 30 days (if you would like to download the courses immediately, please contact us)
- After download, no people or time limitations. The downloaded courses can be used to teach all your current and future engineers at your company.

This is the course combination recommended for companies
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