Course Description

Advanced Hardware Design
Schematic & PCB Design Course

This course will teach you all about the techniques and best practices I have learned over the last 10 years while designing motherboards as well as processor and microcontroller boards.
This course will show you how you can design boards more effectively and produce professional results. The course provides you with tips and tricks to help you design boards that work the first time.
The course is practically based and will teach you everything by actually doing it. Anyone who is interested can work on his/her own project during the course. By the end of the course you will have learned how to create professional manufacturing output which you can then use to build your own board.

THIS COURSE IS FOR: Students, Engineers and Professionals. This course requires some basic knowledge about Altium Designer. If you are starting with PCB layout, you may want to look at the Switching Power Supply Course first.

Watch this short video about the course (Duration: 1min 30s)

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Every student who actively engage with course activities will receive personal Schematic & PCB Design certificate.

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What you will learn about in this course

  • Starting a new project (Useful folder structure; importing reference schematics; collecting and sorting documents)
  • Schematics design (Drawing schematics; conventions and useful tips to create readable schematics)
  • Selecting components and creating libraries (How to select components for your designs to prevent problems during production; how to create useful libraries)
  • Footprints, 3D models and starting a new PCB (How to create footprints and a 3D model of your PCB; how 3D models can help you.)
  • Variants & BOMs (Creating and using variants; generating professional BOMs; job files)
  • Checking Libraries and Schematics (Techniques for properly checking your libraries & schematics to help you design boards that work right the first time)
  • PCB Layout ( 1st Part ) & Placement (How to do layout; how to do placement; tips and tricks )
  • PCB Layout ( 2nd Part ) & Impedances, Stackup (How to tweak your layout; how to design your own stackup; what is important)
  • Stackup (2nd Part), Finishing PCB, Length Matching (HDI Stackup; how to finish and check your PCB; how to do length matching)
  • Generating Output documentation (How to add important information for manufacturers; how to generate professional documentation; assembly drawings, Gerber files, etc.)

More Information

Starting from 99 USD

10 Lessons. Each lesson has a tutoring video that is approximately one hour long (watch when it’s best for you) + activities for practicing.

Software Requirements
Any Altium Designer version and license (you can possibly use Altium 15-day FREE trial).

Technical Requirements
A computer that allows you to run Altium Designer.

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Our Happy Students

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All these comments are from emails we receive. Thank you very much. (Published with approval)
It was a great course, and I consider that starting this course was one of my best decisions I made. I learned a lot of things and I already started to implement some of them in my current designs. It was a great experience, and I think this course helped me become a better engineer. Thanks a lot for all the things you shared. Keep on doing such high quality courses.
Stefan, Romania

​I would like to say thank you to Robert and FEDEVEL Academy. This course gave me great experiences in PCB design. I am going to register for another courses of FEDEVEL Academy whenever my schedule is available.
Nguyen, Canada

​I really enjoyed the course. Thanks for making things easy to understand and remember.
Juanjo, Luxembourg

​Best spent money. Ever.
Paweł, Poland

I would like to thank you for the great and in-depth content of the course. It really enhanced my skills in PCB design.
Taha, Canada
Maybe this is the most important course so far. I really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot. I really learnt so much new stuff. Thank you!
Robert, Germany
The courses I purchased from you are invaluable! Thanks so much for putting these together.
Joe, US
I want you to know that I enjoyed every minute of your lessons, you have done a really good job.
Joseph, Qatar
​I would like to thank Robert and Fedevel for doing really great job. I learned a lot from the courses. I appreciate Robert’s calm and precise approach to the engineering problems that motives me to become a better engineer and enjoy my job.
Igor, Serbia
I am really enjoying the class – you are an excellent teacher. I have particularly benefited from your description of the overall process. It is hard to know how to start and you break things down very clearly.
Bob, US
The course was really amazing. I will recommend it to all my friends and colleagues.
Andres, Germany
Thank you for everything, it means a lot to me to take these course from you. Especially, I can directly apply them to my career.
Tuan, US
I like your teaching style. Currently I am enjoying your schematic & pcb design course and it have a lot of useful information for me to reorganize my work. I will definitely take your next course about high speed design!
Giang, Vietnam
I bought your Advanced Design course and I have loved it. You definitely reduced the learning curve, and made me love Altium instead of hating it.
Michael, US
Thanks a lot! I’ve learned a lot during that course, my projects, PCBs and documentation now look much more presentable. I’ll try to use all your recommendations in the future projects, and also I’ve changed some my old projects. I wanted to say thank you also for memory layout, in the nearest future I’ll be making my first board with powerful processor (A33), hope it will be going well. And also thanks a lot for all tips and tricks you showed, they are really helpful.
Timofey, Russia
I have learned a lot from your videos, and now it makes more fun and I’m like 10 times faster then before with other software like target or eagle.
Darius, Germany
I have learned SO much. I have taken lots of notes and already, a current project I am working on seems like it is 10 times better than previous projects. I am no longer ashamed to show my design documents to others :D Your presentation style is very good and very easy to follow. I am using CircuitStudio, but 95% of what you are talking about seems to apply anyway. ​Thanks very much for making these excellent learning materials.
Rhys, New Zealand
I have been greatly enjoying the advanced PCB course!
Michael, US
I want to congratulate you for the fantastic work you have done with this course. I am waiting for new courses such as this one.
Daniel, Spain
I’ve found the course useful! Heh, the most interesting part for me is from second 0 of lesson 1 to the last second in lesson 10. Well, seriously, it’s hard to tell, however I can tell you on what i was most interested before starting the course: layout, but I changed my mind quite quickly after starting the course and i will tell you why. From the very beginning in lesson 1 you start with dir structure and project organisation, that caught all my interest since I never used such a good structure, add to this that you are constantly giving tips and sharing your experience throughout all the course, and learning lots of new things related to schematics and libraries. Also before taking the course I thought I was organised while working on my projects, that my schematics were easy to understand, etc, but i was wrong, by comparing this with the dir structure you provide, the schematic templates or the generated BOMs I could only change my working procedure and how things get done plus use the new materials you provide.
Borja, Spain
I learned a ton! It really helped me out on organizing my projects and becoming more efficient.
Brett, US
​After taking your Schematics and PCB design course, I learned not only Altium so fast, but I was also able to develop a process of how to do PCB designs (based on your recommendations and other resources I found online, especially for mechanical layers) that made a very complex and expensive project go very smoothly!
I found useful in your course that you went straight to a real, quite complex, modern design layout and in the process you show how to get there. In the process of how to get there, you showed all the little steps (and marked as index in the videos by time). I found that very useful. The bonuses were also very very useful, an insider’s view of the activities of a senior hardware engineer and his experience in design. The layout tricks, and the little things that make life easier like your assembly drawing, pin swapping, schematic part parameter import from vendor like digikey, etc, etc… Usually, tutorials show bits and pieces of how to do this or that… but very few converge to a modern complex design like what you cover on your lessons.I’ll be more than glad to keep following your courses in the future.
Jose, US
It’s not often that I really enjoy a course, infact I think your course is the first course I’ve done in my 10years of experience that I’ve not only enjoyed, but I’ve actually seen transform not just the work that I produce, but the whole way I work. It got me thinking about what it was about your course that really worked for me – you taught the students how to implement a solid and robust work practice. This massively boosted my work efficiency, not just within Altium but in every day Engineering tasks.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge by creating this course!
Jason, US
Your work is very valuable!!
Mike, US
I very much love your courses, I have learned a lot.
Vaibhav, Canada
Your material is a gold mine. Excellent and amazing lessons I will for sure never forget.
Branko, Canada
10 years of knowledge in 10 hours, Thanks for sharing!!
J-C, France,
I would just like to thank you for these courses. As a student I have learned a lot from it. I joined this course first and now I’m doing your switching power supply course too.
Thijs, Netherlands
5 star course and highly recommended! It is both high quality, delivered professionally and offers excellent value for money!
Informative with lots of interesting ‘bonus’ material with good humor scattered throughout. Superb support with assignment feedback, encouragement, emails and prompt delivery of the certificate.
Jerome, Ireland
I have been able to use these lessons to help take on a larger role in my company. Thank you so much for a wonderful course.
This was a great broad overview of Altium for a great price.
Thank you for expanding my knowledge of Altium Designer and PCB design in general. From Simple PCB to high speed memory design. Your lessons have allow me to become more productive in Altium Designer from schematic capture, library creation to PCB layout and documentation.
Moises, US
You could increase the price of the course by ten times and it would remain being a bargain. Great.
Alejandro, Spain,
I’m very happy finding and joining your course, it’s for me the perfect moment to receive the hints and instructions you share!
Tilo, Germany,
Thank you for the schematic pcb design course. Your lessons are very very useful.
Emanuele, Italy
First I would like to say I am really enjoying your course. You have a nice format that keeps the lessons interesting. The “bonus” items are very nice, and I believe the subjects you’ve picked are appealing to a lot of people. I’ve decided to put normal work on hold for a week or two at the beginning of next month, spending full time doing the exercises.
Mikael, Sweden
I had never considered to make microprocessor PCB because I thought that it was necessary to use special instrumentation for validating it, but after I saw your lessons, I think it is not so difficult.
Juan, Medellin-Colombia
I found the content in the lessons to be very helpful and I’m sure this will benefit my career along with my own hobby work by a great deal.
Jason, Australia
Best regards and congratulations for the course, it is being very interesting for me.
Miguel, Spain
Your altium course and lessons are best on the net because everything is step by step.
Aykut, Turkey,
I have learn a lot from your course and the fact that you share a lot of your knowledge about PCB design and Altium Designer on your website is awesome.
Moises, US
I really like how you went through practical examples and provided a lot of tips and tricks – exactly what I signed up for.
Bartosz, Australia
Really enjoying your course.
Izirlei, US, @izirlei
I have really enjoyed all the lessons and learnt a lot of things. I will always follow your blogs to learn new things.
Nikhil Rami, India
I think this course is great value and gives very valuable advises for Hardware design, we actually have started taken these advises seriously in our company.
Joan, Spain,
It’s a privilege to learn with someone who has your experience, and makes this course as well organized as it is.
Nuno, Portugal
It was really worth the investment and time.
Aivaras, Lithuania
I have learned many things about how to get success in my designs, by reducing mistakes and therefore, saving a lot of time.
Guillermo, Spain,
This course has been very good! I finally did a DDR memory layout which has been ‘haunting’ me for a good while.
Mikko, Finland
Thanks a lot and please: keep teaching!!!!
I must say this is the first time I make such a online course, and I’ve been amazed. You have put together in just 11 hours something only just learning only over the years. The way of you work and expose us make me think it’s the right one, and is very professional, that´s always ensuring good results. I think the level of the exercises is very good. I loved the “bonus time” and in general, all chapters are very entertaining. Congratulations for your fantastic course. It will be essential to get the USB.
Jose, Spain,
When I saw that you were planning to have a seminar I was excited, but I did not think that the course would be so good, it was outstanding.
Matej, Slovenia

Questions & Answers

When can I start?

Right now. After your payment, you will find access to the course under “My Account”.

Can I join a running online course?

Yes, you can join a running online course anytime. After your payment is made, you will immediately see all the previous lessons.

I need an offer or proforma invoice. How can I get it?

Click here and fill out the form. We will then send you an offer / proforma invoice with payment information.

I can not use Paypal, how can I pay?

Click here and fill out the form. We will then send you an offer / proforma invoice with payment information.

Can I use credit / debit card for payment?

Yes, you can. During payment, you will be redirected to secure Paypal website. Simply select “Paypal Guest Checkout”. You do not need to have Paypal account to be able to pay through Paypal.

What is the time limit to get course certificate?

There is no time limit to upload activities and ask for certificate. You can do it anytime, even if your course is finished.

When do online courses start, and how long do they take?

The $99 course starts every Monday and it takes 10 following weeks. The $299/$399 course starts immediately after your payment – all the lessons are available instantly. You can finish the course any time (after a day, week, month, … it’s up to you).

What’s the difference between the ONLINE course for $99 or $299/$399?

All online videos for the $299 and $399 courses are available immediately after payment (so you can watch the whole course at once). For the $99 course, a new lesson is available every Monday. During the course, you can watch all the previous videos (for example, if you start the $99 course at the beginning of the month, by the end of the month, you will be able to watch 4 videos – Lessons 1,2,3 and 4).

What is the difference between the online and offline course?

There is no difference in content; both courses are exactly the same. However, after the online course finishes, you will not have access to the online videos anymore. On the other hand, the offline version is delivered on a USB stick, so you can watch the videos any time.

Can I get a certificate after finishing the course?

Yes, every student who actively engages with course activities will receive a personal certificate.

I use Orcad, PADs, etc; will this course be interesting for me?

This course is about HW design in general. The Altium Designer software is used for demonstration, and there will be parts that can only be done in Altium Designer, but it will also apply also to engineers using a different design tool.

Can you tell me about the details of the course or at which the level the course is taught? I’m a PCB engineer who has worked for four years and I’m not sure if this course is too beginner for me or if it will be suitable for my level.

Everyone can learn something new. For example (this is only one example). You may be working in a small company (rapid development) or in a big company (a lot of rules, admin work and procedures) or doing everything by yourself (schematic, PCB, component ordering, assembling, etc). These are completely different environments. I tried all of them, picked the best of each. I will explain this in the course. So some things are not exactly about development itself, but about how you can make the most out of your work. These are the things, where it is not important if you are beginner or an experienced engineer, you can still learn new things.

In what languages will the courses be available?

At the moment, English only. I am not a native English speaker (as you probably know from my YouTube videos).