Altium – How to Create Net Class and Differential Pair Class

This short video explains how you can set up NetClasses and Differential Par Classes in Altium Designer.

10 Tips for Better Schematic Checking – Processor Boards

Important schematic mistakes that you may not be looking for.

PCB Soldering with a Hot Air Gun

You can solder BGA and QFN packages / components at home or at your lab with an inexpensive hot air gun.

PCB Layout Planning – How to decide which layers to use

Planning a layout, that sounds really scary, but it can actually save you a lot of time.

Altium Designer – Delete tracks while using backspace

Very useful trick to delete tracks. Select a segment and press the backspace key multiple times.

Altium Tutorial – Add a page number to a port

This video describes how to automatically add a page number to ports. The page number refers to the page where the signal continues.

Advanced PCB Layout – Lesson 8 of Schematic & PCB Design Course

PCB Layout Tips & Tricks, DDR2 / DDR3 Memory layout, Differential pair routing, Wide bus routing (PCI, ISA, etc. ), Impedance calculation, Stackup design, CPU Fanouts and more. Software used for demonstration: Altium Designer.

Schematic & PCB Design Course – Overview

Electronic Hardware Design Course led by a Motherboard Designer.

DDR2 & DDR3 layout difference

UDIMM memory module examples. This short video is a part of the Schematic & PCB Design Course.

Easy desoldering of 8-pin DFN with Exposed pad

A simple way to remove a VFDFN chip using only one soldering iron.

Altium Designer – Component Placement Tutorial

This short video demonstrates the way I do component placement in Altium Designer. The board in the video has more than 1200 components.

Altium Designer – Define a Custom Grid under BGA

Do you have problems placing a VIA exactly in the middle between BGA pads? This video demonstrates how to create a custom grid on your PCB within a specific area (e.g. under BGA). Very useful and easy.