PCB Layout Training with Consulation

Your engineers will learn and practice on a real project with DDR3 memories and high speed interfaces such PCIE, SATA, HDMI, 1Gb Ethernet, LVDS, etc. Ideal for companies which are moving from microcontrollers to the high speed ARM boards. Very helpful for a company starting with Freescale iMX6 CPU.

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What you will learn about

To make this training useful and practical, we have developed our own board with all the important interfaces. Your engineers will be working with a real project called iMX6 Rex. Here is a general outline of the training content:

  • DDR3 Layout (T-branch vs Fly-by topology, DDR3 length matching, DDR3 layout procedure, bit/byte swapping, read/write leveling, about DDR3 simulation)
  • Crosstalk (how to minimize and how to calculate a crosstalk between two tracks)
  • Impedance (the most common impedances, how to calculate impedance)
  • Stackup (how to design a PCB stackup, how to decide on number of layers and layer order)
  • High Speed Design Rules (the most common high speed design rules, how to route buses, differential pairs, clocks, sensitive signals)
  • Placement (Decoupling capacitors, termination resistors, …)
  • Layout process (Describes the full layout procedure – starting from component placement and finishing by generating manufacturing outputs)

More Information

2400 USD / day (up to 5 people),

1 Day Training + 1 Day Consultation (Day: 8:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 5:00pm)

At your company. This training is available in San Francisco & Los Angeles area.

Technical Requirements
Projector + a computer with Altium (at least one for 2 people)