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NEW: Learn Altium Essentials (Second Edition)
Switching Power Supply Design Course

After this course, you will know how to design your own boards in Altium Designer. A switching power supply design is used as an example to demonstrate the whole process of designing a board. You can follow all the steps based on the video, repeat them and then design your own boards.

This course is perfect for beginners and anyone starting with Altium Designer. Ideal for companies with fresh hires or young engineers. You will get a lot of useful tips about designing a switching power supply and using Altium Designer.

Why switching power supply? They are used on almost every board!

THIS COURSE IS FOR: Beginners, Hobbyists, Students and young Engineers. No previous Altium Designer knowledge required.

What will you learn?

It’s a step-by-step commented video that has been captured throughout the whole power supply design process. Even if you have never designed any board before, just by repeating all the steps in the video, by the end of this course you will design switching power supply board. When you design the board from this course, you will have all the most important knowledge about using Altium Designer, you can continue all by yourself on your own projects and design your own boards.

  • Starting a new project
    (Creating project, adding schematic pages, creating schematic symbol library)
  • Creating schematic symbols
    (Creating a chip, resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, pads, …)
  • Drawing a schematic
    (Placing components into schematic, connecting pins, …)
  • Finishing schematic
    (About annotations and designators, adding text and descriptions, achematic compilation and check, …)
  • Schematic Tips & Tricks
    (About net names, power names, about pull up/downs …)
  • Creating footprints
    (Creating footprints, using component wizard, about layers in Altium, …)
  • Stackup and Rules
    (Setting up stackup, setting up rules for layout)
  • Component placement
    (How to place components into your PCB, what is important, how to select component in schematic and place it in PCB, …)
  • Working in Altium
    (Explaining all the important commands and settings, going through all the common situations which you may need)
  • Doing PCB layout
    (What is important during layout, connecting pins and drawing tracks, working with polygons, …)
  • Improving and finishing PCB layout
    (DRC check, clearing violations, setting up thermal relief, adding text, …)
  • Generating outputs for PCB manufacturing
    (Output to PDF, NC Drill, Gerber files, …)

More Information

Starting from 49 USD

Duration and length
Total 6 lessons. Each lesson is approximately 1 to 2 hours long. All lessons available immediately after payment.

Software Requirements
This course is available in two editions: for AD18 and higher and AD17 and lower. You can follow this course with any Altium Designer version and license. You can possibly use also Altium 15-day FREE trial.

Technical Requirements
A computer that allows you to run Altium Designer.

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After you complete this course by designing this 6-Layer PCB,
you will know how to design your own boards.

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Our Happy Students

All these comments are from emails we receive.
Thank you very much.
(Published with approval)

​Excellent practical course to learn how to apply knowledge in PCB designer Altium. I fully recommend this course to learn the basics of Altium.
Marcos, Brazil

​Very good as an introduction to Altium! Good layout and perfect speed for a new Altium user!
Emil, Sweden

​Thank you for the course. I finished it over the weekend and it was really great I learned a lot.
Cesar, Canada

Very nice course indeed, was more that what I was expecting for a “sort of basic course”. Very eyeopening even after 1 year of design experience, I should have taken this course 1 year ago, Thanks!
Nadim, Italy

Thank you very much. Excellent course, and thanks for all the time and effort you put in to help others (like myself).
Phil, UK
The course is really useful for me. Hope the courses continues contributing to the community :)
Tan, Vietnam
Made life easier with your videos.
Dinesh, US
​I have already finished the course last week. I should thank google firstly since I searched pcb course your course pop up first. Secondly, I should thank you for every effort you putting into the course and forum. The money I spent gets every penny’ s worth. I will definitely spread out your courses for the people around me.
Bin, US
​I am enjoying your method of teaching and the course tremendously and learning a lot. ​It is one of the few times that I invested in a course and felt it was really the right thing to do.
Siavash, Canada
I have learned a ton from the video course, well worth with $20 (using the coupon). Enough to get started transitioning designs and libraries away from Eagle. And I’ll probably do the next course level at some point in the near future.
Andrew, US
I have seen your videos in Youtube and was so impressed that I decided to buy the ‘basic’ course as private person. And after finishing that course I decided that I must have all three courses at my workplace. Thank you very much for your excellent work!
Alexey, Russia
​Thank you very much ! Your course is the best compared with all other I took! I recommend it to all my engineers and technicians!
Flaviu, US
Thank you very much for your great Switching Power Supply course. I’m Professional Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in Embedded Systems and Hardware Designing, but I predominantly used Orcad/Layout/PCB Editor in my work. Due to my work place need and industry demand, I decided get experience in Altium. I found your course was very helpful for me to get familiar with Altium. I’m hoping to follow your next course the Advanced Hardware Design too.
Prasad, Australia
I have enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge from your videos!
Patrick, US
​I am a firmware engineer with back ground in Electronics and Software. I have been out of hardware since 2000 and I am now required to develop hardware. I did acquire Altium and started working on it, but I was not able to understand what has to be done and the how to do it with the tool to achieve the desired results. I ran into some tutorial videos in YouTube by Robert (Fedevel) and signed up for the Switching Power Supply Course. The course not only talks about how to design the power supply but also details on how to use the features in Altium to achieve the desired results, which is not available any where in this vivid detail. Robert has just not walked though every step of the design, but he also shares his years of wisdom he has acquired designing boards, which is invaluable. The course is worth every penny spent.
Vijay, US
I took the course because I am a technical writer and I document Altera’s development kit boards to showcase our FPGAs. I wanted to know a little more about the process our board designers use to build and design our boards. Your switch course gave me at least an insight into that process. It was very clear and well done. While I taking the course, I often said to myself “oh, that is what they meant.”
Stanley, US
I liked very much this course. I’m an beginner electronic engineer and this course improved my PCB design skill a lot.
Jorge, Portugal
​Your videos are great!
Andreas, Germany
I enjoyed watching your SMPS course. It’s helped me a great deal in transitioning from Cadence to Altium.
Matt, US
Very great lecture series. Helped me a lot. I would recommend everyone this course on Altium. I started designing PCB in Altium after watching these lectures.
Kali, US
Thank you very much. Your flexible pricing and licensing allow me to learn at my own pace and schedule and that’s important when I already have a day job and family. I appreciate the hands on nature and clear instructions and tech support. Your FEDEVEL Academy work is inspiring.
James, Canada
​I really enjoyed the course. Thank you for your work.
Fernando, Spain
I never seen any tutorial like this before. Everything has been demonstrated from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and step by step! Keep up the good work!
Ali, Canada
Highly recommended, either for learning Altium Designer or switching power supplies.
Omar, AE
​The course was very insightful and I am looking forward to laying out some of my own boards when I get the chance.
Mike, GB
​I just want to say that I really enjoyed the Switching Supply Design course – I know quite a lot about Altium but I have learned many useful tricks, shortcuts, and design patterns. I very much like the style of the videos.
Bob, US
​Your courses are really great and good value for money. Thanks for all your effort in putting these together.
Stephan, Australia
Awesome, easy to follow series… I really enjoyed the experience and will soon register for the advance course. Well-done!
Ali, Canada
This course was so helpful. I tried a few times over the past year to learn Altium Designer from a manual and printed tutorials without any real success. But, in just a few weeks I watched each video many times while practicing and learned so much. This course was definitely a great investment!
Justin, Canada
I just bought this course and watched it almost without the break. :) I knew a lot of things you mentioned, but there was even more things that I learned. I am looking to buy advanced course too, to learn more.
Milos, Bosnia and Herzegovina
It’s been a great introductory course to Altium, and even better, sharing your methodology and tips on how you plan layout, from component placement to layout optimization.
Borja, Spain
I want to thank you for your work. Very clear explanation.
Roman, Russia
Your Lessons are great!
Rene, US
I learned a lot, from a practical point of view. Unfortunately they don’t teach us this way at University.
Piotr, Poland
I did like the course, going step by step from start to finish is my preferred way to learn. I also like how you didn’t shy away from multilayer etc. I love the direction you are taking with the academy, so much better at teaching than my university was!
Bart, Australia

Questions & Answers

When can I start this course?

You can start right now. Go to price list, select this course and you can start learning immediately after your payment. Your course will be located under “My Account”.

When this course starts and how long this course takes?

This course starts immediately after your payment and all the 6 lessons are accessible instantly. The course takes 6 weeks, however if you like, you can finish it sooner (even in 1 day).

Is it possible to use CircuitMaker or CircuitStudio instead of Altium designer?

Having Altium Designer helps – you just follow the course videos. However, we know, that some people use CircuitMaker or CircuitStudio together with the course. The concept of all the three softwares is similar, but if you are not using Altium Designer, you may need to look for specific features in the menu of your software (or you may need to find a way how to do some specific things in your software). Doing this course with CircuitMaker or CircuitStudio is possible.

When I sign up for “Online and Download” option, how can I enable access for other engineers?

If you sign up for the Online & Download option, your course will include Online access & Certificates for up to 5 people. Ask your colleagues to register at FEDEVEL Academy and send us their usernames to We will then activate the Online access for them. Note: Download is only available under the main account (the account used to order the course).

Do I need to have a special knowledge before taking this course (e.g. do I need to know electronics or Altium Designer)?

No, you do not need any special knowledge to follow this course. It is a step-by-step course. This means, just by following the videos by the end of this course you will design a board. This course is suitable for beginners starting with Altium, but also for senior engineers moving to Altium. Ideal for companies with fresh hires or young engineers, hobbyist, students.

I need an offer or proforma invoice. How can I get it?

Click here and fill out the form. We will then send you an offer / proforma invoice with payment information.

I can not use Paypal, how can I pay?

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Can I use credit / debit card for payment?

Yes, you can. During payment, you will be redirected to secure Paypal website. Simply select “Paypal Guest Checkout”. You do not need to have Paypal account to be able to pay through Paypal.

What is the time limit to get course certificate?

There is no time limit to upload activities and ask for certificate. You can do it anytime, even if your course is finished.