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NEW! Learn OrCAD & Cadence Allegro Essentials
Design a board in 24 hours. This is step-by-step course.

After this course, you will know how to design your own boards in Cadence OrCAD + Allegro. A switching power supply design is used as an example to demonstrate the whole process of designing a board. You can follow all the steps based on the video, repeat them and then design your own boards.

This course is perfect for beginners and anyone starting with OrCAD & Allegro. Ideal for companies with fresh hires or young engineers. You will get a lot of useful tips about designing a switching power supply and using OrCAD and Allegro.

Why switching power supply? They are used on almost every board!

THIS COURSE IS FOR: Beginners, Hobbyists, Students and young Engineers. This course is also for anyone moving from different CAD system to OrCAD & Allegro. No previous OrCAD / Allegro knowledge required.

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During course you will design this 6 Layer board

What will you learn?

It’s a step-by-step commented video that has been captured throughout the whole power supply design process. Even if you have never designed any board before, just by repeating all the steps in the video, by the end of this course you will design switching power supply board. When you design the board from this course, you will have all the most important knowledge about using OrCAD and Allegro, you can continue all by yourself on your own projects and design your own boards.

  • Starting a new project
    (Creating project, adding schematic pages, creating schematic symbol library)
  • Creating schematic symbols
    (Creating a chip, resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, mounting holes, pads, testpoints, …)
  • Drawing a schematic
    (Placing components into schematic, connecting pins, working with design cache, multi-page schematic, …)
  • Finishing schematic
    (About annotations and designators, intersheet references, DRC Design Rules Check, …)
  • Schematic Tips & Tricks
    (About net names, power names, resistor and capacitor parameters, pull ups/downs, custom title block, …)
  • Making your schematic more professional
    (Cover page, block diagram, revision history page, adding design notes, titles and descriptions, …)
  • Board variants
    (How to create variants, how to see variants in schematic, variant parameter, variants in BOM and Assembly drawings)
  • BOMs – Bill of materials for complete board and board variants
    (Creating no BOM, BOM only and PCB only components. Generating BOMs: Purchasing, Reference, Grouped Reference)
  • Creating footprints and pads
    (Using padstack editor, creating footprints, creating and adding all important layers, adding 3D models, …)
  • Stackup and Rules
    (Setting up stackup, setting up rules for layout)
  • Component placement
    (How to place components into your PCB, what is important, how to select component in schematic and place it in PCB, …)
  • Working in Allegro
    (Explaining all the important commands and settings, going through all the common situations which you may need)
  • Creating shortcuts and using SKILL scripts
    (How to create shortcuts, how shortcuts and scripts can speed up your work, how to install scripts)
  • Doing PCB layout
    (What is important during layout, connecting pins and drawing tracks, working with shapes / polygons, …)
  • Improving and finishing PCB layout
    (DRC check, clearing violations, setting up thermal relief, importing logo, adding text, …)
  • Preparing information for manufacturing
    (Assembly drawings, NC Drill, Mechanical drawing with dimensions, Manufacturing notes, creating views and films, …)
  • Generating professional manufacturing outputs
    (Generating professional documentation to manufacture your PCB and assemble your board)

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Starting from 199 USD

12 Lessons – Equivalent of 3 day intensive training. Each lesson has a tutoring video that is approximately two hours long (watch when it’s best for you) + activities for practicing.

Software Requirements
Use FREE OrCAD Lite or any paid Cadence OrCAD/Allegro license

Technical Requirements
A computer that allows you to run OrCAD & Allegro.

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All these comments are from emails we receive. Thank you very much. (Published with approval)
This was really not just an essential course. You covered so much stuff, this really values the whole course quality. Awesome work, Robert! This was my third course in your academy and you can be proud of the work you had done creating these really valuable courses! Great job!
Jorg, Germany
A very thorough walk through of the complete design process . Rather than an Orcad “how to” the complete process and thought behind what is done is explained. This course has a lot of the ” why” before setting out the ” how ” which is a great and rich learning methodology . There are some real gems based on hard won expertise that can save the viewer many hours and 100’s of $ . One of the key things that comes home is the complete and well documented end product which starts with the schematic symbols. I have not found such a comprehensive course / book on Orcad in the last 5 years- Highly recommended.
Hedley, South Africa
I am really enjoying your training courses nowadays. They are so great and help a lot to me. Thank you for creating the course.
Tae, US

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