Course Description

Learn EAGLE to Design Your Own Boards
Design a board in 15 hours. Based on Arduino project.

After this course, you will design your own Arduino like board. This course is for everyone who has never designed any board before and would like to try it.

During this course, you will use Arduino Uno reference schematic, you will learn how to modify it, how to improve it and how to do PCB layout. You will learn a lot of useful tips and tricks and you will work with a real board. The course videos are step-by-step. After you finish this course, you will have your own board which you can manufacture.

About the presenter
Robert has designed several advanced processor boards, including Intel i7 and Intel ATOM motherboards.

THIS COURSE IS FOR: Beginners & Hobbyists. No previous EAGLE knowledge required.

28Pins - cutted - 448px

You will be practicing on a real microcontroller board

You will learn on 28Pins specially designed for this course

What will you learn?

It’s a step-by-step commented video that has been captured throughout the whole design process of 28Pins board.

  • Starting a new project, Creating a schematic symbol library
  • Drawing a schematic (includes tips for component selection and schematic improvement)
  • Creating footprints
  • Doing PCB layout (includes information about what’s important in 2 layer PCB design)
  • Improving PCB layout
  • Finishing PCB, Generating manufacturing outputs (these files can be send to a PCB manufacturer or assembly house)
  • Programming a simple LED blinking example (when you build the board, here you will learn how to start working with it)

After you finish this course, you can build the board by yourself. For 1 piece, the PCB will cost around $15 USD and components around $35 USD.

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Software Requirements
EAGLE Software

Technical Requirements
A computer that allows you to run EAGLE

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