Advanced PCB Layout Course

What will you learn?
You will learn how to do Advanced PCB Layout (DDR3, PCIE, SATA, Ethernet, etc.).

How will you learn?
You will be practicing the layout by actually doing it. All the important things will be explained in the tutoring videos. The videos are accessible online or can be downloaded, depends on the course option you sign up for.

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Every student who actively engage with course activities will receive a personal Advanced PCB Layout Certificate.

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About the presenter
Robert has designed several advanced processor boards, including Intel i7 and Intel ATOM motherboards.

THIS COURSE IS FOR: Students, Engineers and Professionals. This course requires some basic knowledge about Altium Designer. If you are starting with board design, you may want to look at the Advanced Hardware Design first.

You will be practicing on a real high speed board with 1.2GHz CPU and DDR3, PCIE, SATA, HDMI, LVDS, 1Gb Ethernet and more

You will learn on iMX6 Rex specially designed for this course

What you will learn about

This course covers all the important subjects you need to know for Advanced PCB Layout:

  • Placement (how to place CPU, memories, power supplies, connectors, protection, etc.)
  • Basic Rules & Basic Stackup (initial rules and stackup settings to start your layout)
  • Fanout under CPU (how to do placement and fanout in hight-density areas)
  • DDR3 preliminary layout (deciding on how to use layers, pin & bank swapping, …)
  • Board fanout (how to do fanout, good practise and recommendations)
  • Planning Layout (how to plan layout for high speed interfaces, wide buses, power distribution, …)
  • Crosstalk (how to calculate and minimize crosstalk)
  • Impedances & Stackup (how to calculate impedance and decide on stackup)
  • High Speed Design Rules & Routing (recommendations & examples for high speed design layout)
  • Layer ordering (how to decide on layer ordering)
  • Number of layers (how to decide on number of layers)
  • Layout (recommendations on routing different peripherals & buses, Powers, …)
  • Length matching (DDR2/3, PCIE, HMDI, LVDS, GbE, …)
  • About memory routing (T-branch vs Fly-by topology, calibration, …)
  • Polygons & Power Planes (how to work with polygons & planes, what is important, useful rules, …)
  • Checking PCB (recommendations to check your PCB)
  • Length tuning (differential pair length tuning, finishing memory layout, …)
  • Finishing PCB (adding useful information e.g. manufacturing notes, mechanical drawing layer, …)
  • Generating & Checking gerber files (how to generate gerber files, tips about how to check them, ….)

More information

from 199 USD

7 Lessons. Each lesson has a tutoring video that is approximately two hours long (watch when it’s best for you) + activities for practicing.

Software Requirements
Any Altium Designer version and license (you can possibly use Altium 15-day FREE trial).

Technical Requirements
A computer that allows you to run Altium Designer.

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Our Happy Students

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All these comments are from emails we receive. Thank you very much. (Published with approval)
​I was hesitant to invest in courses for Altium Layout, but now I am so happy I did. Your courses have been awesome in showing how a real designer would do these things.
Lee, US

​Lessons were very useful and interesting. I learned a lot in this course. I am a big fan of your work. Thank you for creating this course! :)
Modesta, Lithuania

​I picked up a job a month ago where there was a BGA device I could not have completed the design and PCB if I had not started the course. It has been sensational.
Mark, Australia

​It was really worth the investment and time.
Aivaras, Lithuania

​I really enjoyed the course. Very very helpful. Also my colleagues are very happy with the tips I give them now, we all are learning from you. THANKS!
Sara, The Netherlands

​​I learned a lot. These courses are very well laid out. I appreciate the effort put into this.
Nishtha, US
Pleasure to watch and follow. I have an electrical engineering background but it’s still so much stuff to learn from your courses. Please keep on with the good work, excellent job.
Klaus, Germany
My congratulation for the course: very helpful and very clear. I suggest it to other people.
Mario, Italy
Thank you for the course. This course has given me very detailed knowledge and improved skills in the hardware development.
I want to thank you very much Robert. This course has been great I have learnt so many new skills. Your a great person normally people don’t want to share there knowledge, but you have. Big thumbs up.
Brook, New Zealand
I have very very appreciate this course. It will be very useful to design my personal and professional projects in the future.
Julien, France
I wanted to say thank you for the course, it was really cool! During it I’ve learned a lot of new information, that is very useful for me and my projects. Now I’m not scared about the projects with powerful MCUs, DDR3, fast interfaces – I know what to do to make the PCB work =) I know how to start, what to do the first, what to do after that, how to check every part of the PCB, how to create good documentation, and a lot of other information. And all these things are pretty good ordered in my head. Also thanks a lot for all tips and tricks, they are very useful, because they save a lot of time.
Timofey, Russia
Thank you so much for your courses! I am with Altium since ten years at least, but while watching I felt sometimes like a bloody beginner… :-)
Karl-Heinz, Germany
​I would like to thank Robert and the whole FEDEVEL team for these great and fantastic courses. I have got information that I never found elsewhere.
Taha, Canada
Super satisfied with the provided content.
Mohammad, Egypt
Thanks so much. That was really helpful tutorial and even as senior engineer, I learnt a lot from your tutorial.
I recommended this tutorial to many of my friends and they are eager to buy the course. Thanks again for your kind responses and answering my questions during this tutorial.
Pejman, Australia
Amazing course, thank you.
Omar, Canada
​​I have learned really a lot from your videos. It is worth every penny. Please note, that I recommended your website and courses at two organisations which I am working for.
Attila, Germany
​Thank you very much for being such a wonderful resource to our community. My investment in your courses has paid in a multitude of ways. I am looking forward in purchasing more topics from your website in the immediate future. Just as I said, you are AWESOME!
Nick, US
Thank you for providing this course, I think no other places have this kind of wonderful resources.
Tuan, US
Your 3 PCB design courses are the best I have ever taken. You have the ability to anticipate questions I have. This has happened numerous times. Keep up the good work and know that I will refer others to your team when I can.
Mike, US
Thank you for your time and effort to make such a good course. I recommend it to everyone interested in. I also hope to meet you in the future.
Igor, Serbia
The way the information is delivered makes me quite confident that I will approach my PCBs with a good set of skills. If I forget something, my notes plus the way the lesson is divided and labeled at specific minutes, will make any answer available within 1-2 minutes time. It is money well spent.
Radu, UK
​Thank you Robert! It’s been an amazing course, I’ve learned a lot.
Miroslav, UK
​This tutorial is great!! Learned and refreshed so many information. Thank you Robert!! Great Job!! Value for money!! God Bless!!
Anish, India
​Great course, very useful, full of wise and experience-driven advices that reduce the uncertainty of complex PCB layout development. It is a very practical training for Altium users based on current processor and memory technology that focus on important issues you must be aware of.
Mike, US
​I really like your training and way how you are presenting it. You are very good teacher.
Janusz, US
​Your courses teach real-world PCB layout practices while using Altium Designer – the best way to learn Altium Designer. Really appreciate it. Great work.
Alberto, Spain
Thank you for the course, for me it was the missing link to be comfortable with the high speed in Altium.
Jean, Canada
​Wonderful course and highly recommended! Professional and high-quality information for little money. Lot of interesting material with lots of examples. Super support feedback.
Andrei, Belarus
​I really enjoyed this course. It was really good to hear some of your advice on industry practice and some of the hard to find knowledge you provided.
Izirlei, US
I was looking for an advanced course that explains all the techniques and design rules for high speed PCB design. I am an electronics engineer that have been working building embedded systems on commercial boards so, the next step was creating my own customized hardware, so I found what I needed!
Javier, Spain
I had your two courses – Schematic & PCB Design course and Advanced PCB Layout course. I want to thank you especially the way training course is designed. Videos along with the design files are very helpful in building the confidence for making a new design project.
Pradeep, India
​I really enjoyed your course, great job! I was looking for a course like this and I find a lot of valuable information and tips. Now I am looking forward to start my own design.
Nordin, Spain
Doing the Advanced PCB layout course about an year ago gave an excellent start of my career as a hardware design engineer.
Miroslav, UK
​I feel this was a really valuable purchase! There is a wealth of very practical real-world knowledge here, and I appreciate that it is well organized, comprehensive and easy to watch. Thank You!
Perry, US
Your training videos are great! I learn a lot from them.
Hafizul, US

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