Learn to Design your own OS booting ARM board, FREE seminar

When: Saturday, December 14 2013, 5:00pm
Where: Hacker Dojo, Mountain View, CA, US

About the seminar

This seminar is for

Students, Hobbyists, Hardware and Software Design Engineers


This seminar covers the advanced topics of ARM board design. Helps a hardware design engineer to understand the software essentials needed to debug and test an ARM board. Helps a software design engineer to understand the advanced topics of hardware design.

About the presenter

Robert Feranec has designed several advanced MIPS, ARM and x86 boards based on Intel I7, Intel ATOM, AMD, VIA, Freescale, TI, …

Content of the seminar

Hardware part
  • What is important when starting a new ARM design
  • Selecting components for a board running an operating system
  • Tips for ARM Schematic design
  • PCB Stackup & Impedances
  • The most common High speed design rules
  • DDR3 layout and length matching
Software part
  • How to setup a machine for ARM code compilation
  • How to modify and compile bootloader
  • How to build a Linux Kernel
  • How to prepare a File system
  • Steps to bring your board to life
  • DDR3 calibration
  • Board testing and HW verification
Register for the Seminar here. The number of seats is limited up to 20 people. (Updated 12-DEC: We moved the seminar to a larger room, feel free to invite your friends too.)