Here you can find some of our events we have done.

Training – PCB Board Layout (Penang, Malaysia)

penang presentation 660
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Presentation – Learn High Speed PCB Layout (Silicon Valley, US)

silicon valley business center 660
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One Week intensive training for Dan from USA (Trencin, Slovakia)

Dan from USA spent one week learning in our office

FREE Presentation – Creating Digital Products (London, UK)

Google Campus - Creating Digital Products
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FREE Presentation – High Speed PCB Design (London, UK)

FREE High Speed Design Presentation - London 2015 - 660px
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Altium Training – High Speed Design (San Diego, US)

Altium Training – Advanced Hardware Design (San Diego, US)

Altium Training – Learn the Essentials & Start Designing (San Diego, US)

High Speed Design Training - San Diego 2014
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ARM Board Design and Linux Porting (Bratislava, SK)

FEI Presentation - 2014

Learn to Design your own OS booting ARM board (Silicon Valley, US)

Hacker Dojo - Sunnyvale 2013
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