Course Comparison

Learn Altium Essentials
If you are starting with Altium or moving to Altium from a different CAD software. Within 6 hours you will learn how to design a board in Altium Designer. From $49 USD. More >
Learn to Design Your Own Boards
If you are a beginner & hobbyist who would like to design your own first microcontroller board. From $89 USD. More >
Advanced Hardware Design
If you take Hardware design seriously. This course will help you to work more effectively and explains techniques to design complex boards which run at the first time. From $99USD. More >
Advanced PCB Layout
If you would like to learn how to do advanced and professional PCB layout. Includes High Speed layout for interfaces such DDR3, PCIE, SATA, Ethernet, etc. From $199 USD. More >

Detailed Course Comparison

Learn Altium Essentials
(Switching Power Supply Design)

Learn to Design Your Own Boards
(Design a board in 15 hours)

Advanced Hardware Design
(Schematic & PCB Design)

Advanced PCB Layout

Which course is for me?
For Beginners & Hobbyist YES YES NO NO
For Students & Junior Engineers YES YES YES YES
For Professionals NO NO YES YES
For Companies (USB Recommended) YES NO YES YES
Altium knowledge required NO NO YES YES
Complete board design captured on video
(Step-by-Step, suitable for beginners)
Certificate (if you work on the activities) NO NO YES YES
Total length 5h 52min 14h 43min 10h 48min 14h 49min
About Schematic ~1 hour ~2 hour ~3 hours NO
About Libraries ~2 hours ~5 hours ~3 hours NO
About PCB ~2.5 hours ~7 hours ~4 hours ~14 hours
Schematic Design YES YES YES NO
How to choose components YES YES YES NO
Creating Libraries YES YES YES NO
Checking Schematic & Libraries NO NO YES NO
Variants NO YES YES NO
Bill of Materials (BOMs) NO YES YES NO
You will be practicing on 6 Layer PCB 2 Layer PCB 10 Layer PCB 12 Layer PCB
Basics about Stackup & Impedances NO NO YES YES
Custom Stackup Design & Layer Ordering NO NO NO YES
Basic placement YES YES YES YES
Placement recommendations NO NO NO YES
Simple routing YES YES YES YES
Fanout under BGA NO NO YES YES
Layout planning NO NO YES YES
Complete DDR3 Layout practicing NO NO NO YES
High Speed Design Rules NO NO NO YES
High Speed Routing Recommendations NO NO NO YES
Crosstalk NO NO YES YES
Length matching DDR3, pin swapping NO NO YES YES
Length matching DIFF pairs (PCIE, LVDS, …) NO NO NO YES
Length matching tips & tricks NO NO NO YES
Setting up advanced PCB rules NO NO NO YES
Polygons & Planes YES YES YES YES
Checking PCB & Gerbers NO NO YES YES
Generating output files YES YES YES YES
… see all the topics covered in the course More More More More
Course price from $49 from $89 from $99 from $199
Course website see this course see this course see this course see this course