Why do we do it?

We do it to help people and help companies. Most companies are looking for experienced engineers. But how and where can graduated and young engineers get experience if they don't get the opportunity? The least I can do is to share my 10+ years of experience in HW design. I really enjoy it and I am very happy to help.

Meet the Leadership Team

Robert FeranecFounder of FEDEVEL Academy
Robert likes designing boards and motivating others to learn. Robert has designed several advanced processor boards and is founder of FEDEVEL. More about Robert here
Tatiana FerancovaFinances and Administration
Tatiana is excellent with numbers. Her friendly style and expertise are valuable in a learning environment. Tatiana is a qualified teacher.
Martin MurinHardware Design
Martin enjoys designing analog and digital circuits. Martin is leading our open source iMX6 Rex project.

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Phone: +1 (408) 512-3926

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Website: http://www.fedevel.com

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Silicon Valley Business Center
1900 Camden Ave
San Jose, CA 95124
United States
Phone: +1(408)512-3926
Email: info@fedevel.com

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FEDEVEL s.r.o.
Inovecka 1131/1
Trencin 91101
Slovak Republic
European Union
Phone: +421908608092
Email: info@fedevel.com