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Subject: Advanced PCB Layout - Component Placement Part 2

This is the next 30 minutes of popular Advanced PCB Layout course. During this class, Altium Designer software is used for explanation.

What you will learn:
  • Decoupling capacitor placement under BGA
  • The important components which need to be placed close to a pin
  • How to decide on which side to place small components (TOP or BOTTOM?)
  • Finding the best place for pull up/down resistors
  • Series resistors / capacitors placement
  • Crystal placement
  • Placing decoupling capacitors for a chip with an exposed pad
  • Placing components with wide bus or interface with high number of pins
  • Advantages of using micro VIAs
  • Why you should place all the components in the area before you start layout
  • About placing the real world PCB edge connectors (USB, Ethernet, HDMI, ...)
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Tuesday, May 10, 6:30 PM (UTC)