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New courses added, cooperation with others

I have not posted for some time as I have been working on a new OrCAD and Allegro course. Also, we have been preparing FEDEVEL Academy to provide opportunity to others to post their courses here. So, after long and hard work, we have big news:

- New course: Learn OrCAD & Cadence Allegro Essentials
– New course: Learn the Essentials of VHDL and FPGA Development (by Jordan Christman)

I really hope you will enjoy the new courses :)
– Robert

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FEDEVEL Academy moved to HTTPS

It was a lot of work, but today we have finally moved FEDEVEL Academy website to secure domain :)

So from now, instead of using http://www.fedevel.com/academy/ you can use https://www.fedevel.com/academy/

You will also see “Secured” note in front of the URL. This means, all data which you are exchanging between your computer and FEDEVEL Academy Website are now encrypted.

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Awesome! You can get your own 28Pins PCB for free

Now you can get the PCB which you have designed during Learn to Design Your Own Boards course for FREE. Just go to the Learn to Design Your Own Boards course page and fill out the Coupon Request Form. PCBWay will manufacture and ship your 28Pins PCB completely for free. I am not sure for how long they will do it, so hurry up :)

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Thank you for all your Feedback

FEDEVEL Academy Courses
Today, I have updated FEDEVEL Academy course pages and added a lot of your feedback from emails which I was collecting for some time. You can read them on the course pages, just scroll down. Thank you everyone for nice words :)

Udemy Course
Our Learn to Design Your Own Boards course on Udemy is also doing well, just in 7 weeks over 300 students, 40 reviews, 4.8 from 5 stars. Awesome! Thank you :)

Screenshost from Udemy

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Subscription to your Online videos

Hi guys,

some people ask if we could provide access to the online videos even after their course is finished. They usually say, that they like the links to particular parts of videos or they use the Search feature.

So, here we go … the new Subscription feature is ready :) The price is 29USD / month. These money are used to cover our expenses for data streaming + creating new courses.

Thank you guys for all your support :)

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Udemy – Learn to Design Your Own Boards

Today we have officially released Learn to Design Your Own Boards at Udemy. Check it out, they often provide huge discounts ;)


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New Course – Learn the Essentials of creating uBoot, Linux and YOCTO

It’s now official. We have released a new course – this time it’s about software:

Online – Learn the Essentials of creating uBoot, Linux and YOCTO for a board

I hope you will find it useful :)

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New certificate: “Learn to Design Boards”

As we received number of requests from our students for Learn to Design Boards certificate, here we go :) Everyone who finished the “Learn to Design Your Own Boards” activities can ask for the certificate (including all the past students). I hope this helps :)

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Online Classes

A lot of you were asking about online live classes. So, let’s try it :) You can find more information at: http://www.fedevel.com/academy/classes/

I am looking forward to speaking to you :)

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Courses & Free Presentations in California

From this summer I am moving to California (around Bay area) and if anyone is interested or has some ideas about Courses or Free Presentations just let me know. I will be very happy to do a presentation for students, hardware enthusiastic or a training in a company. Just send me an email (you can use info@fedevel.com). See you there ;)

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