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How to decide on Minimum Gap / Clearance in PCB Layout

minimum gap fi

During PCB layout, you have to decide on clearance between traces. Here are 3 key factors you may need to consider: 1) Manufacturing capabilities Check with your PCB manufacturer, what is the minimum gap they can actually manufacture. Many PCB manufacturers have it on their website, as an example check …

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Forum for Everyone Interested in Schematic & PCB Design

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I setup a new forum for Electronic Enthusiastics & Professionals. It already has some interesting posts. I like this one about simulating CPU -> FLASH & SDRAM connection: SDR SDRAM layout recommendations. The post is all about making decision on, how to place & route CPU + FLASH + SDRAM …

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Altium – How to generate 3D PDF – It’s Easy

Altium 3D PDF - fi

This video explains, how to generate 3D PDF of your board in Altium Designer 15.1 and up. For older Altium, check this post: Altium Designer – How to Export PCB to 3D PDF Here you can download the 3D PDF example generated in the video: Open Rex 3D PDF. To …

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