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Doing Layout – Lesson 7 – Learn to Design Your Own Boards

doing layout fi 2

It takes just 15 hours to completely design your own customized Arduino. This is Lesson 7 of Learn to Design Your Own Boards Online Course. The course is step-by-step video which shows the complete Schematic Design & PCB Layout of Arduino like board. More information about the full course can …

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Learn to Design Your Own Boards – Online Course

28pins -743

What will you learn? After this course, you will design your own Arduino like board. During this course, you will use Arduino Uno reference schematic, you will learn how to modify it, how to improve it and how to do PCB layout. How will you learn? Based on step-by-step video …

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DDR3 layout vs Memory chip fitting

DDR3 layout - fi 800px

Have you been thinking about leaving some of the memory chips un-fitted on your board and you were not sure if it’s possible or how the layout should be done to support it? I have received this question for couple of times, so I try to share what we tested …

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