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Problem with moving components on PCB because of assembly drawings

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  • Problem with moving components on PCB because of assembly drawings

    during a layout, I noticed a problem with moving components on the PCB. I had only Bottom layer displayed buy while selecting a component, I noticed it is bigger than the component's footprint as shown in the attached screenshot. I investigated in my PCB library to see if there is a problem with the footprint. There I noticed the assembly drawing of the component. I enabled all layers to see if that is it, and yes, it was the designator of the component in the assembly drawing. So I had to place the designator in the middle of the component in mechanical layer 29, where I have defined my assembly drawings. By doing this, I could move the component freely between all other components on the PCB.
    Is there a way to ignore all designators in any layer during placement?


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    Unfortunately, with Altium all the primitives in the footprint determine the bounding rectangle, which is used for clearance. You can try disabling the online/batch version of the component clearance from the design rule check window. Also it might help to have the special string replacement turned on, so that the designator string gets replaced by the actual designator which is shorter in terms as symbols, hence less long.